phoenix x|aminer Industrial X-Ray System

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phoenix x|aminer Industrial X-Ray System

The phoenix x|aminer is an easy
to use entry-level non-destructive testing (NDT) X-ray inspection system with strong performance that is
designed for the special needs of the high-resolution inspection of electronic assemblies, components and PCBA. Due to the new combination of CMOS flat panel detector and computed tomography (CT) the system provides significant better signal-to-noise-ratio, sharpness and life-imaging capability compared to image intensifier based CT. The powerful phoenix x|act base software for 2D and phoenix datos|x base for CT offers ease of use and allows manual as well as automatic inspection

  • 無限壽命160千伏/ 20瓦X射線管穿透甚至高吸收組件
  • 由於採用了高對比度的CMOS平板探測器選件,改進了實時檢測功能
  • 簡單快速的計算機斷層掃描(CT),由於全面的軟件包
  • 直觀的操作和易於使用的軟件
  • 實時CAD數據疊加
  • 自動化的真正的X射線樣品圖,方便在頂部,底部,甚至內部樣品定位
  • 防碰撞功能保護樣品
  • 佔地面積小
  • ETL根據UL / CSA 61010-1和61010-2-091認證


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